Pams Pools


Things have been going well on Pam's Pools Wildlife Reserve despite Covid19.

In mid-December volunteers planted 950 native trees, thanks to a grant from the Woodlands Trust and a generous donation from Joyce & Martin Green. Hence" Brookfield" has become "Greenwood"

On 9th January I completed the purchase of "Home Field" and this 8.4 acre field brings the total area of the reserve to about 110 acres

Friends of mine have a family business importing Fairtrade organic coffee; roasting it off-grid at their home on Wenlock Edge ; packaging it sustainably; and selling it online or from local shops like Keith's in Bridgnorth . The carbon footprint from transporting the beans across the Atlantic they off-set by planting trees and shrubs - one per annum for each subscriber. A public footpath running along one edge of Home Field is having their trees planted down one side and their shrubs down the other.

Another donation will enable a small stream is to be diverted into little pond to be dug in Riverside South.

And Shropshire Wildlife Trust have got a Countryside Stewardship grant to dig a further pond, plant and lay hedges and more ….

So the time has come to ask for volunteers. Email me on or phone 07793939291 any evening to book some healthy, worthwhile, outdoor exercise. BUT Covid19

currently means - strictly only if you are local and come alone or in your bubble and guarantee to keep socially at least 2 metres away from me, and sadly I cannot offer the usual refreshments.